Immerse EP

by Immerse

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The debut release from Leicester's progressive metal outfit, Immerse. 8 tracks of pure, unbridled aggression, laced with groove and technicality.


released February 25, 2013

All music written and recorded by Connor Sweeney.
All vocals written and recorded by Thomas Gardner, Matthew Burns, and Connor Sweeney (with the exception of a guest vocal on "Mitigate" by Jon Sinfield)

Mixed by Jon Sinfield @ Aperture Artist Management.
Mastered by George Lever @ G1 Productions.
Additional instruments and production on the tracks "Ray(e)" and "Plenitude" by Ryan Robb of Orion and David Hurst of Monolyth Studios.

Artwork by Alias (Jack Oliver)



all rights reserved


Immerse London, UK

We are a tech/prog metal band from London, UK.
Our debut 2013 self titled EP is available for free download, and we have new material being released in 2014!

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Track Name: Gerun
heavy laden, unrelieved
damned, express these thoughts that mean so much
void, not valid nor mentally binding,
value your steps because you are still standing
break safe from the cycle your thought is the cure,
my faith is not dry i will never conform, never conform

i confine myself as hate is all we know
with true intent the lies that plague their minds
their false regret, with views to know

grind the majority of close mindedness
Empty, are the words that they will confess

indifference to not know what was said
nor am i veiled by your said fantasy
i wont submit to your process
never dissent
breathing, construe concepts of good will
no aback of concience,

dying, notion, construe, your all sense of whole

mind set to peace
decieved by allies without clarity
its too late
premonitions unfold

silence the unforgiving
revoke their exsitance
or all comes to end
i cant believe what has become of this
shattered and struck down

stand up
resent, regret, ascend
now your your story will come to an end

grind the majority
renounce them

hope is a dangerous thing woven in your hands
your hollow satire, the ego in I
will be the first man to pass
no chance construct your thoughts
no second guess

grind the majority
renounce them
let them fall
Track Name: Fallacy
Exploiting emotional triggers
Standing against the wall
moving your mind through time
everything goes black
still I cannot see anything but fate

Stand still and embrace the light
Destiny, becomes who i am

Lucid dreaming is a fallacy
To change the world within your own mind
This is all i have to say to change my world

this is all i have to take
Truth be told, i am the one to see
the light that twists my fate
to bend my perception

Misconceptions take control of social relationships

this is all i have to take
Truth be told, i am the one to see
the light that twists my fate
to bend my perception

the light that twists my fate
to bend my perception

taking control of truth made of lies

Truth, behold my eyes

Aimed fury at Misogynistic canibals
telling lies to deceive the public
Their ears will be closed from the thruth

Dreaming of a better world set free
once slaves
now rise
take pride
take pride in your self
this is your last chance

Malevolence is the answer
we've been searching for all this time

Fallacies, You're obsolete,
imperfectly developed corresponding in other individuals

Truth be to told, I am the one to see the light
To see the light

Exploiting emotional triggers
Standing against the walls
moving your mind through time
everything goes black

Everything goes back to how it was
Track Name: ZeroShift
i avert my eyes to fix this
reality from fading into into dust
dawn breaks
the cold air begins to rot
my skin

what does it take for a man to become whole
he stares into the moonlight
a ray of light scintilates in
the sky
my heartbeat stops and then i render to my knees
the clocks have stopped the hands no longer turn
but the sands of time will never run out
you know me from anywhere
i know as the flesh
i posses the zeroshift
to the naked eye i slip through time
im the master of my fate im the commander of my soul

beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the shade
and yet the menace of the years?
finds and shal find me unafraid
im not afraid im not afraid now the feelings have gone
no matter how many years
i still remember how it was
all those times we spent we could say goodbye
but i wont forget the times we spent alone
a wasted time alone
waiting for you
a wasted time alone
waiting for you
this time i know its the end its the end
i thank whatever gods made me for my debt
for my unconquerable soul
solitude pleasent for only so long
sanity pierces the distance
confined in walls i wander this room a dreamer
never at the edge or at the centre
sentimental thoughts are sinking somewhere out to sea